Sunday, April 1, 2007

Enmeshed in this Exercise in Utility

Adding all kinds of aesthetic and utilitarian enhancements to my blog has been hampered by needing to register passwords into new accounts for everything from Flickr to Bloglines, g-mail, blogspot, Yahoo, and the list grows. I managed to get a graphic into the blog by using a Google tool, not Flickr, though I had opened a Flickr account. I am calm again. I am very excited about RSS feeds. I have discovered some amazing music sites. I have seen amazing potential!
This week I had to wade through layers of security to get into and use my own bank accounts for getting all the information for my tax preparation. The bank said that I had to go online to get it, and that I could not do it in person at a branch. Catch 22. I had to dredge up passwords to all of these accounts and apply the mystical letters and numerals that appear on your screen looking like queasy, drunken Rockettes; characters linked, leaning, and distorted, that make you feel as if you have entered the inter sanctum of security. Of course I had already shed tears and pulled hair out trying to get back into my own accounts, only to be notified and sent new credit and ATM cards because some of these accounts were amongst millions that had been hacked into and compromised by brilliant criminals. Technology can be our friend! Technology could be the great equalizer, bringing the world and its riches to our doors and minds. God fortify and protect us. -UNTANGLED and trying to be TRANQUIL

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Oh what a tangled web we weave


To whom this may concern, I have spent all morning trying to post a picture in my blog via my Flickr acct. It has failed repeatedly, even though I followed the instructions. So I have fractured a quote from Dorothy Parker, and while my Flickring picture does not seem publishable, the quote, in its new form is.
enTANGLEd (trying to regain some composure.)

Monday, January 29, 2007

To Blog or Not to Blog

Welcome to my blog, and please pardon any glob you find as my typing has never been great. I never thought I would have a blog, because I have trouble keeping up the daily e-mails, and I think people already have too much information or misinformation to slog through. Why would anyone with a free moment want to squander it getting bogged down in my blog? I do hope to learn much from probing other blogs, and so I guess it is just polite to reciprocate.

I do not know how to reciprocate for all the time that Lucille Boone spent, so patiently, taking me through this process of setting up a g-mail account and blog. By the time she left, my earphones that I had forgotten about from my 2.0 lessons, had shifted to my mid forehead, and were now at a 90 degree angle to my ears. Anything entering my brain would have to be by way of bone conduction at that point, so while I looked preposterous, I had emerged from that muddle of words and passwords with a blog. Lucille got me through it, and I thank her very much!

I have now untangled the earphones and calmed down. I am looking forward to letting you know about a great gathering of elected officials, medical providers, and just people concerned about health care coming together on Feb. 12 at 7:00 at Shir Hadash in Los Gatos. I also want to tell you about my friend's book that has just been published and that Amazon has sold out of it's first supply! "The title is Dancing in My Mother's Slippers." I have already laughed through some tears while reading the first 30 pages of Fayegail Mandell's book.

It may turn out that I do have some things to say that might just be of interest that might help untangle some bureaucratic or emotional knots that entangle some of us.

Take care, untangle.